Silver Diamine Fluoride

We are one of the first and few dental offices in Tampa Bay to offer this revolutionary treatment option for the management of tooth decay. Silver Diamine Fluoride is an antimicrobial liquid that is able to treat cavities in a non-invasive, fast, affordable, and painless manner.

Some Patients who have active tooth decay may be eligible for an alternative treatment that uses Silver Diamine Fluoride to arrest decay and delay or eliminate the need to drill the tooth.

This technique is very exciting for young, fearful or pre-cooperative children, special needs patients and medically compromised individuals who may otherwise require sedation for traditional dental restorations such as fillings or crowns.

Pros: SDF has very low toxicity, it is quick, painless, non-invasive, affordable, and can stop tooth decay and help recurrent decay.

Cons: SDF permanently stains the cavities black. SDF does not restore tooth form or function, so large holes that trap food may eventually require traditional restorations. SDF requires a repeat application for maximum efficiency. SDF cannot be used in the presence of infection or decay into the nerve.

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